What comes to your mind when you hear about Sim Urban oasis?

This is a new condo development by Guocoland Singapore that is very near to Aljunied MRT station.Sim urban oasis was developed by a promising residential GuocoLand Limited.This Sim urban oasis is right in the heart of district 14 and the main aim of this Sim urban oasis is to give its various residents a chance to live a very comfortable,luxurious life while enjoying the very large variety of the surrounding amenities.The target interest of many residential and commercial development and transportation projects is the surrounding of the Geylang area.This projects will ensure that there is high rate of development in the near future within the regions that border it.Future residents will easily be able to access the area that is highly developed through this new development. Before this Sim urban oasis becomes busy and very highly developed activity some investors in particular will have the interest to have a spot in ares such as this so as to be able to minimize costs and maximize profits.One of the GuocoLand sim urban oasis is the very latest project. lt has 99 year lease period right in the singapore’s 14 district and this is a residential condominium development.The project is located close to Aljunied MRT station and also at the junction of Aljunied road and Sims Drive. The sim urban oasis has a lot of recreational facilities which includes the Geylang sport and recreational center,the Singapore basket ball centre and the Geylang East swimming center There are a number of reasons why one should buy a sim urban oasis.Firstly,it is suitable for people with families as compared to the single apartments;money is one of these.The main reason of owning an apartment is because the prices of these apartments tends to be lower compared to the single family homes hence makes the sim urban oasis to be more affordable residence choices in a market in which the prices are growing steadily.When owning an urban sim oasis one tends to enjoy low tax than those in single family homes. You should not only take into consideration the purchase price that is associated with urban sim oasis,this is because most of them have monthly upkeep fees which may be expensive.One can easily find a sim urban oasis located in a close proximity to growth cluster that is outlined by Singapore’s government in the 2014
master plan such as the upcoming Paya Lebar,sub-regional center,wisma Geylang Serai,Kallang Riverside and offering excellent investment opportunities. The best layout for selecting a unit in sim urban oasis are as follows:For one bedroom it should have an approximate area of 409-527,the number of units still in the one bedroom should be 172.In two bedroom it should have an approximate area of 624-678,and its unit should be around 282 also for a three bedroom it should cover an approximate area of 818-829 and the number of units in this three bedroom should be 18.

Sims Urban Oasis new

Who is Kheng Leong Group ?

A brief introduction to the developments of the Kheng Leong Group:
The Terrace:
Advantageously located along the Punggol Waterway, residents of The Terrace enjoy direct access to all of the waterway’s recreational and sporting activities. Featuring a distinctive landscape by Salad Dressing, the site is built to cater to the needs of all tiers of lifestyle needs. Ranging from beautiful residential units and quiet corners to the excitement of waterfront sports, The terrace ec has them all. Most prominently featured are the multiple function rooms, modern gymnasium, sports bar and 50M pool which wrap Waterway, club houses, sports bar, gym, BBQ pits, kids’ playground, karaoke rooms etc, allowing residents to fully enjoy The Terrace’s premium location.

The Topiary:
The Topiary is an executive condominium located along Fernvale Lane, within the rapidly developing Sengkang neighbourhood. It has been jointly developed by Kheng Leong nd Qing Jian.With the aim of introducing lush landscaping throughout the development, Belgium-based landscape architects Wirtz International created a distinctive European style landscape which has been carved out throughout the grounds. Residents can also look forward to a sky terrace featuring comprehensive spa and wellness facilities while enjoying unblocked views across the Seletar residential enclave.

The above two executive condo are highly sought after by local Singaporeans, the ultimate key reasons behind the strong support are affordable price at prime location.

Why Inz Residences is well received by home owners?

With it prime location Inz Residences is enclosed within the Serangoon gardens. Rivervale plaza and Compassvale mall which are very popular in Singapore are just doorsteps away from the condo.

Given that this condominium is fully equipped it will offer you with the experience of a lifetime. have several facilities that will may your stay here comfortable. These facilities will make your stay here worth living. You will look forward to going back home every time. These facilities include
– Jogging track-if you like jogging in the morning, then you will find this jogging track in handy. There are several people from this condo who will join n jogging so will not be bored.
– Playground-you do not have to worry about where your kids will be playing. There is enough space for them to play.
– Barbeque area-you can have family time in this area. You can even invite friends to have barbeque and have a good time.
– Gymnasium room-this is the room to visit to keep your body in good condition.
Fitness corner-in case you want to become fit, you can visit this corner. You will be able to shed off a few calories.
• Pool deck-play pool with your friends after work and get to relax your mind. Function room • Swimming pool-refresh yourself by diving in the pool after a long day. • Tennis court-do you love tennis? There is a tennis court where you can practice and become perfect. • Resort club house-you can relax here after a long days work. There are plenty of activities which take place here.

There are a number of reasons why you should invest in these apartments. It is near compass point and Greenwich mall. There are a number of sport activities that you participate in to get fit. It is also easily accessible to the express ways. There are several websites when you can download the price list. In case you want to make a purchase, you can go online https://www.inzresidences.info. You can register for free by going to the website of this apartment. There is a tier of discount that you will get to enjoy. You can do this by registering for vvip discount. You do not have to worry about agency fees as there are none. You can purchase the apartment any time so long as you make the required payment. You will get an affordable apartment that will give you with all that you have been looking for in a home.

Inz Residences will be a good investment. Do not let the chance to live a luxurious life pass you by. You will get to enjoy the fresh breath of air from this apartment. You can rent this apartment and live the lifestyle that will give you peace of mind. You do not have to worry about the security of your house. The place is very secure. You will not be late for work because it is located near the city Centre. Do not hesitate to secure one of these apartments. It is the best thing that you will do. It is the chance of a lifetime that you should not leave to pass. This residence is worth it because you will get to enjoy a number of facilities. There is an apartment specifically meant for you.